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Kwinana Swimming Club

Benz Chiropractic is proud to be an official sponsor of the Kwinana Swimming Club. Gordon and his team have been working closely with the coaches and parents at the swimming club to offer a range of services. There are currently almost 40 children from the club under regular chiropractic care with Benz Chiropractic.


Care of athletes differs in that it is about performance, maintenance and injury management. Since working with Gordon, many of the swimmers have been reporting significant increases in performance with many recording new PB times.


As well as chiropractic care, the team from Benz Chiropractic also run regular workshops and information sessions for both parents and swimmers.

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Solomon Island charitable work

As well as running his own clinic, Gordon has also worked in the Solomon Islands in 2013. This work exposed him to a huge range of issues that are not seen in the developed world. Many of the locals has health issues that are both preventable and treatable.


During his time there, Gordon got to treat many individuals with a huge range of conditions. One of the most memorable was working with an infant with severe respiratory issues that were significantly improved with an adjustment.


As these photos show, chiropractic care can be applied to all ages from the very young to the elderly. After her first adjustment, this elderly patient was able to sit upright with much less pain.


During his time in the Solomon Islands, Gordon not only treated a large range of people but also had the opportunity to run some training and information sessions for some of the local medical practitioners.

Murdoch University Student Supervision

Gordon has been a student supervisor for chiropractic students entering their final year. He worked in a range of settings to assist these students hone their skills.


These photos show Gordon working as part of the Murdoch University team at the South Bound Festival. He is shown adjusting Suffer MC from the Hill Top Hoods.